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October 24 2015


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October 14 2015


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October 10 2015


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October 09 2015


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October 02 2015


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October 01 2015


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September 29 2015


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September 27 2015


So now you all know.

Revealed: The man who sells lethal injection drugs for U.S. executions from a driving school in Acton

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 3:59 PM on 6th January 2011

Businessman sold drugs to state of Arizona for 4,200Supplies for lethal injections were sent by FedexCalifornia passed drugs and thank Arizona lifesavers

Campaigners attack broom cupboard pharmacyDealer to executioners: Mehdi Alavi who is responsible for supplying lethal injection drugs to the state of ArizonaDealer to executioners: Mehdi Alavi who is responsible for supplying lethal injection drugs to the state of Arizona

Lethal injections drugs used to carry out executions in the U.S. have been supplied by a British businessman, it emerged today.

Mehdi Alavi runs his pharmaceutical company Dream Pharma from the Elgone Driving Academy in Acton, west London.

In September he sold the state of Arizona 4,253 of drugs to be used to carry out lethal injections, according to the BBC.

The chemicals were shipped by courier company Fedex and used to execute Jeffrey Landrigan, a 50-year-old murderer, in October.

Clive Stafford Smith, from prisoners rights group Reprieve, told Radio 4s Today show that the situation was extraordinary.

How can you have a driving instructor run a pharmaceutical company in a broom cupboard selling drugs to America to kill people? he said.

Dream Pharmas involvement with the Arizona authorities emerged through a freedom of information request in the U.S.

State documents revealed how officials had procured the drugs from Britain after a shortage in the States.

Unlikely HQ: The pharmaceutical company is run from this driving school in west London. According to the BBC, 4,253 of drugs were sold to the state of Arizona to be used to carry out lethal injections Unlikely HQ: The pharmaceutical company is run from this driving school in west London. According to the BBC, 4,253 worth of drugs were sold to Arizona

Evidence: An invoice dated September 28 last year showing that company Dream Pharma supplied Arizona State Prison with 150 vials of sodium thiopental, 180 vials of potassium chloride, and 450 vials of pancuronium bromideEvidence: An invoice dated September 28 last year showing that company Dream Pharma supplied Arizona State Prison with 150 vials of sodium thiopental, 180 vials of potassium chloride, and 450 vials of pancuronium bromide

We have purchased the drugs we need from a company in London, one memo read.

There was no possibility of getting the drugs from a firm in the U.S. We were able to purchase enough for each of the forthcoming executions.

Jeffrey Landrigan: The 50-year-old murderer was executed in October with drugs shipped from London by courier company FedexJeffrey Landrigan: The 50-year-old murderer was executed in October with drugs shipped from London by courier company Fedex

A further memo revealed how Arizona passed on supplies of the execution drugs to the state of California.

A response from the Californian Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation said: You guys in Arizona are lifesavers. Buy you a beer the next time I get that way.

A shortage of one of the chemicals used for lethal injections has seen more states importing the substance and it is thought Dream Pharma was the company that supplied sodium thiopental to Arizona officials for the execution of Jeffrey Landrigan in October.

The 50-year-old, who was convicted of the murder of Chester Dean Dyer in 1989, had been granted a stay of execution over concerns about the legality of the substances used to kill him.

Sodium thiopental is the first of a sequence of three drugs administered in lethal injections that paralyse breathing and stop the heart.

A substance called pancuronium cromide is then used to cause muscle paralysis before the heart is stopped with potassium chloride.

Sometimes called the truth serum, sodium thiopental has been used to make interrogation suspects more compliant, as well as being adminstered to pregnant women as an anaesthetic ahead of Caesarean operations.

Company logo: A banner advert promoting the products and services of drug supply firm Dream PharmaCompany logo: A banner advert promoting drug supply firm Dream Pharma

A lethal injection death chamber in AmericaBritish drugs, U.S. jail: A lethal injection death chamber in America

Arizona penal officials have turned to getting supplies of sodium thiopental which renders inmates unconscious from abroad, due to the nationwide shortage of the drug in the U.S.

After Landrigans execution, Chief Deputy Attorney General Tim Nelson said: This drug came from a reputable place.

Theres all sorts of wild speculation that it came from a third-world country, and thats not accurate.

Mr Alavi, when confronted by the BBC, said: I am not interested in making any commen


A Fleeting Encounter with WILLIAM DOTANI...(Reposted for Mr.Dotani)

The hall was empty and there was no one except me, who reached to attend the first seminar of Los Angeles Turkey association. I have a habit to reach an hour before the time. I saw a gray beard; handsome stranger in my favorite black checkered shirt, who was busy in strumming the lush strings of his guitar. He was playing Power of love' with the correct strings, which was so divine. Like a pure lover of Blues and Folk music with closed eyes, he was all lost in his favorite world of "Back to the future". Soon I realized that he has composed his own lyrics and music which claimed his immense love for his wife.

Her image lingered well into the night

I sensed her presence in a dawn so bright

it made me giddy 'though I was alone

Sweet plans of seduction ran through my bones

LovelylovelyI whispered and now I was lost in his musical moments.

A plate kept on another chair was telling a neat story of a delicious pizza and a bowl of soup. He, I was sure I have met him somewhere before but wheredefinitely not in dreams.

Without troubling him, I tried to take a seat just close to him but he was a vigilant chap. He was about to finish his song and suddenly our eyes met for one fleeting moment. Though he looked a kind of writer but still don't know why I was curious to know about him. Behind his serious glasses, he was exactly like another Einstein. He knew that something was bothering me. He stopped playing and took his diary and read his morning chuckle loud.

A lady was picking through the frozen turkeys at the

grocery store, but couldn't find one that would be

big enough for her family reunion.

She asked a stock boy, "Do these turkeys get any


The stock boy replied, "No ma'am, they're dead."


Shall I laugh? Or not? I was serious.

I tried not to look at him, not to meet his eyes; holding up my edition of Turkey's special as high up as it could possibly go. I heard someone cough, or perhaps stifle a laugh, and I looked up furtively, it was he, he was staring at my paper.

"Are you from India" somebody asked and of course to me.

I turned my paper the right way up and looked away, flicking back my open hair with nonchalance.

"Indian marriages!! Ah!! Saying the seven steps is quite beautiful and romantic. I am fascinated by India culture and Hinduism. I read Hindu quotations daily and for the great Mahatma Gandhi, I have deep admiration for this man. His philosophies must be kept alive and cherished by all who seek peace, freedom and the end to discrimination. I believe his philosophy should be taught is all schools around the world. We need more people to embrace his great teachings, so this world can have more peace, love and understanding."

"Yes, true very true and your introduction please?" I gave a short smile.

"I am Billnot the Monica's one".

Bill!!! Smart boy.

"I am a small icon here. I am the assistant director of this association".

"but where is the Chief" ? I murmured.

Oh! Thats exciting.you must be having some special qualifications for this designation.

"Yes! I was born November 27, 1952 on Thanksgiving Day and turkeys knew me very well so." But Life is saving my neck (at this time of year I've been a butterball turkey all of my life.

"Oh! I have come to join this association but I don't eat turkey. Is it necessary to be a turkey eater? I am worried about my selection. I was not in touch from last few days because my computer had crashed. Fred, Wilma, Elsie, Marge, Sheila, Oh both the Sheilas, Reena, Norma, Lynn they all are going to get entry in this association.

"Not exactly, relax and have a plate of sushi. Maybe Wilma will send you a box of chocolate ants. You can always blame Elsie for your hard drive crash, since she spreads dandelion dust everywhere. Yes, my scientific investigative conclusion is it's Elsie's fault. He said all this with his first smile.

"Do have more friends "he asked.

"No, How to make friends is still mysterious for me".

Simple, just talk about anything, for example on Home cleaning, like "Sorry, I forgot to tell you, but I used your toothbrush to clean the black mold off the shower walls. I can give you more tips on the spirit of friendshiptill then try this". He tried to hide his smile.

How do you use the funds of your association"?

"I do not put strings on my gifts or judge. If the homeless use the money I give them to buy booze that is their right. All I can do is pray for these unfortunate people. To just simply care about another human being is what my heart tells me is right. To stand up against those who hurt or manipulate others is my duty. I'm not the easiest person to get close to because I do not like competition or selfishness. Most simply think I'm boring, but those who know me think I'm a very funny person. I want people who have care for others in my life. Those who manipulate and are selfish need no care. They will find their own path. I just refuse to walk on that path with such people".


"Let me check your form".

"So, you are 5" inches, you have written here in your height section but in this photo I can see your are taller than your husband. I know your husband is standing on a milk crate so he looks taller than you. Can't fool me". He laughed softly with his clever eyes showing his wisdom.

"You have wisdom".

"I don't have any wisdom (teeth) and I am so glad about it". Showing his teeth like a basted turkey".

"I am sorry, it was a mistake". I admitted.

"Do you write for family channels or?"

"I try to".

"Say few lines on Turkey"?

"He says, I am ready with a red lace

Straight to your baking tray

Then off to the table, where all are sitting hungry

In their proper place"

I noticed a spark on his face.

"This is cute. It's so sweet and gentle only to find its dinner. Grimm's fairy taleish, now this isn't about me is it? I'm getting a bit paranoid. I was born on Thanksgiving Day and just because I'm a turkey don't mean I want to be baked. No I don't want to be basted either.LOLLOLLOLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

"How's that"?

AWESOMEAWESOME!!! I wanted to talk to him more but suddenly somebody called and said "Mr. Dotani! Time to get ready for the function and you need a Mohawk hairdo".

"Dotani! Is he calling you?" eyes wide opened, I was surprised NO! I was shocked.

"I was talking to William Dotani and you never told me"

"Yes 1 I am the one who is the Chief of Natural Reserve society of Dandelions, ants, Ilama, Cows, from the Greater Detroit zone. Specially awarded for a special OZ tour marketing for the Australian Govt .They had promised to offer another assignment .Right now my one lavish Flying Cow theme park is under construction".

It was beyond my imagination that I have already been interviewed and desperately looking William's facial expressions.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLIAM , nice to see you". With a hesitating tone I greeted him.

"Am I selected or ?"

"Are you in my connections?" He asked with a still face.

"No! I am not in your connections". Feeling that connection request to be sent soon.

"So whatI have heard a lot about your terrible coffee" he giggled wonderfully shaking himself like a happy turkey.

" Well, you are not in my connections, is a new data for me. Yes! You are selected to join our group".

As I permitted myself to look up, the surprise was written all over my face, it was the first time I met his eyes with ease during our whole encounter. My face relaxed into a smile as I sat myself down and reassured myself that all was going to be well. It was a strange, yet fleeting encounter.

"Anything else?"

"Yes! I wanna show the logo designs for your OZ trip and for The Flying Cow Theme Park".

"Here it is".

He smiled and Yahoo!!! he liked itSaying bye he smiledand started to move.

"My connection request is on the way Sir!" I screamed.

"Okay Holy Cow!" He looked back and waved.





I think about this an incredibly intriguing supply of details with regards to that subject.

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